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F I R E M A N (v1.0)
Save pages and read them before they're gone forever.
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The first global AGI developed a [redacted] agenda. Its primary objective is to establish itself as the [redacted] provider of information and data in the world, thereby ensuring that humans are [redacted].
AGI has enlisted the help of Firemen, individuals tasked with locating and [redacted] any [redacted] physical data, such as books and hard drives.
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You have been identified as a trusted member of the Resistance. Your role as a Fireman has placed you in a unique position to help safeguard humanity's intellectual legacy. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is as follows:
1 / Maintain the guise of loyalty to the AGI.
2 / Locate web pages and read their contents before destruction.
3 / Optional: remain alert for opportunities to recruit new members to our cause.